WWDC statshot: 800 million iOS devices sold, 75 billion apps downloaded

Apple WWDC 2014, la conferencia de desarrolladores de Apple, cada vez impresiona mas: 800 millones de ipod, ipad, iphone con IOS, 75 billones de apps bajadas de App Store y cerca de 9 millones de desarrolladores trabajando en el ecosistema.


Here are some key numbers mentioned on stage in San Francisco Monday:

  • OS X: Apple has shipped 40 million copies of OS X Mavericks since releasing it in October 2013. 51 percent of the OS X install base now runs on Mavericks.
  • Developer community: Apple now has over 9 million registered developers. That’s up 47 percent from last year.
  • iOS devices: Apple has sold “well over 800 million” iOS devices since the launch of the first iPhone, according to Cook. This number includes over 100 million iPod touch units, over 200 million iPads and over 500 Million iPhones. iOS devices brought 130 million new customers to Apple during the last 12 months.
  • iOS 7: 89 percent of iOS devices have iOS 7 installed. In October, that number was at 64 percent.
  • App store: Apple’s app store now offers more than 1.2 million apps. iOS users have downloaded more than…

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