Coursera releases iPhone app for MOOCs

Mobile online open courses


CourseraiPhoneCoursera has built a name for itself by providing MOOCs (massive open online courses) in a variety of subjects to practically any student willing to learn. Now, the company will offer those lessons on the go with a new free app — a boon for students who want to take in lectures during commutes or trips.

The first edition of the app, available today in the iTunes store, offers users the ability to browse through the hundreds of courses offered in 20 different subjects on Coursera. Lectures for those courses are offered via live streaming, and also available to download for offline viewing.

Coursera’s iPhone app not only fills a vacuum that has been otherwise filled with expensive third-party apps, but also jumps on the mobile learning bandwagon. For example, Codecademy created its first iPhone app in honor of “Hour of Code,”  earlier this week. While it seems like Coursera’s…

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