If you thought the Hadoop war of words was over, think again



Different year, different CEOs, different arguments, same old story: Cloudera and Hortonworks do not see eye to eye about the best way to run a business based on Hadoop. Two years ago, Hadoop startups Cloudera and Hortonworks took great pleasure in publicly debating who was more Hadoop than who by counting Apache contributors, commits and bug fixes. Today, the debate is over business models — specifically, whether it’s better to be Red Hat or IBM.

This time around, Cloudera fired the opening shot by declaring in October that it doesn’t consider Hortonworks or fellow Hadoop vendor MapR to be its competitors anymore. Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly told me then that while those companies are focused on Hadoop as a technology and business focal point, Cloudera is now focused on becoming an “enterprise data hub” that offers a whole suite of data products a la IBM or, presumably, Oracle. The logic…

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