Want to play around with the latest eye-tracking tech? Tobii has a $195 kit for you

Eye tracking technology


Of all the new user interface possibilities that are out there, eye-tracking is one of the most intriguing. Yes, it’s a bit creepy – where you look can say a lot – but it also holds great promise for those with physical impairments and can make reading on mobile devices a bit easier, as shown in Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

One of the leading companies in this space is Sweden’s Tobii, which has been around for a good dozen years and took a hefty $21 million funding round in 2012, led by Intel(s intc) – a firm that’s always on the lookout for new user interface technologies. On Wednesday, Tobii said it would launch a developer kit early next year that will make it much easier to build applications that use eye-tracking for scrolling or what-have-you.

These could be games or other sorts of apps, but they will all be…

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