The official Google Wallet Card is here but Coin has nothing to fear

You can order your Google Wallet and pay with it’s balance


Want a physical Google Wallet(s goog) card for payments? You can order one directly from Google at no charge. The card with a traditional magnetic stripe is backed by Bankcorp and uses the balance in your Google Wallet account when swiped at the point of sale. So is it a better option than Coin, the hottest new credit card that actually acts as numerous cards? Probably not because of a key limitation.

google wallet card

Essentially, since payments come from your Google Wallet account balance, this card is more like a pre-paid debit card. Google says you can fund your balance with a credit card, but there’s a 2.9 percent transaction fee, so few will likely take advantage of that function. You can also add funds at no charge from a linked bank account.

I’d think the card would be more practical to most people if it worked like…

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