Identify illness before your body does

Match treatments to a person’s genetics


Each one of us carries a unique genome, composed of DNA, genetic mapping, hereditary information and biological characteristics. In other words, we are made up of millions of individual data points.

By studying this data, sequencing enough genomes and analyzing enough scenarios, doctors will be able to understand and predict how unique people will react to specific treatments and determine susceptibility to certain diseases.

“The ability to match treatment — and even prevention — to a person’s genetics is the promise of this exciting science.” said Michael Hultner, the chief scientist for Lockheed Martin’s Health & Life Sciences group.

After honing its big data skills in the aerospace and defense market for decades, Lockheed Martin now sees applications in areas like medical analytics. In one example, Lockheed Martin applied its signal processing and data analytics expertise to help improve sepsis detection. Sepsis is caused when chemicals deployed by the…

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