Google Releases Glass Development Kit ‘Sneak Peek’ And 5 New Glass Apps That Already Use It

New Google Glass SDK


Today Google released the Glass Development Kit (GDK) as a sneak peek for developers. Anyone can use it, but it lacks a Glass emulator, so testing apps without actually owning Glass will be nigh impossible.

By releasing the GDK, Google has turned Glass from a neat toy into a platform, one that is ripe for development and open to the public. The bottleneck that is currently holding Glass back is its limited physical distribution, with a likely low five figure number of headsets in the wild today.

Still, Google’s pitch to Android developers is simple: Take your Android applications, reuse most of the code, get them on to Glass, and then optimize their interface. In short, by tying Glass to Android, the company is all but ensuring that it will be flush with applications by the time that an average consumer gets near one.


Also out today are…

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