Mobile advertisers: What do they know about you?

Opening an ad supported app on your smartphone, starts a real time bidding war from advertisers.


With the onslaught of new technology and attendant privacy violations, it’s easy to hyperbolize what “they” — the government, big corporations, hackers — know about you. As far as what advertisers know about you from your phone’s location data, it’s not as much as you might think. We spoke with Sense Networks, a company that uses mobile data to help ad agencies target their desired users, to find out what advertisers know — and don’t know — about us, and how that relates to the ads we see on our phones every day.

“The idea that everybody knows everything about you isn’t true,” Sense Networks CEO David Peterson told me. Instead, what advertisers know about you are general demographics, such as age, income, ethnicity and where you live, work and shop. 

How do they know that?

Every time you open an ad-supported app on your phone, you initiate a real-time…

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