Square begins selling Stand, its take on the cash register, in 1,000 Staples stores

Square’s next move. A new point of sale terminal.


Square has landed a new and important sales channel for Stand, its sleek new point-of-sale terminal for brick-and-mortar businesses. Starting today, Stand will be on sale at 1,000 Staples retail locations in the U.S. and in the Staples.com online store.

I say the deal is important because Staples puts Square front in center before the small businesses that routinely use its website and physical stores to buy their office supplies, equipment and technology. While its previous distribution deals with Apple(s aapl) and Best Buy(s bby) showcase Stand’s capabilities and design to a broad audience, Staples is all business. Staples is already a distributor for Square Reader, the smartphone-mounted credit card swiper that drove Square’s initial volumetric growth.

Square card reader mobile paymentThough Stand is still new – going on sale only this past July – Square claims it’s already proving to be a much different animal than Reader. While the smartphone-payments gadget attracted…

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